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Wood: Maple 


Core: Unicorn Hair 


Makers Notes

The combination of wood and crystals has been a long marriage in wand making. Most of the earliest wands ever created used crystals as their main power sauce and this is still true today. The only alteration in wand making that still goes back hundreds of years is the introduction of  hairs, feathers, heartstrings, spins and horns of magical creatures as one of the main power sauces within wands. Therefore when we combine wood and magical creature cores with crystals it creates something unique and immensely powerful. In this particular wand we have used quarts crystals to enhance this wands ability for healing spell work. 


Wand comes in a Willbott's Deluxe Wand Box and a handwritten Certificate of Authenticity. These new wand boxes just scream luxury! Inside they are equipped with supportive foam inners, shaped for your wand, and lined with stunning, shimmering purple velvet cloth for your wand to nestle safely in. Topped with a golden ribbon to lay over your wand to ensure its protection and add that final touch of finesse and class. These sturdy, tactile purple boxes are the ultimate partner for your wands transportation, storage or display. There is no better box out there, everything about it is premium perfection! 





    Don't forget your wand stand!

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