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Wonderful Woods


Highlighting Natures Beauty.

The Wonderful Woods series was created to champion just that, WONDERFUL WOODS!


The wands in this collection are made from Mother Earth's finest. They are all beautiful, all powerful and all natural, with only subtle stains and waxes applied to accentuate the natural grain and colour of the woods. The designs are simple yet classic, giving you the exhilarating, tactile connection these glorious woods deserve. They are the perfect match for anyone who loves the deeper powers fine woods possess, in a form ideal to harness them. 


All the woods used in this collection are supplied to us by our UK based FSC and PEFC supplier, given to us by our local tree surgeon friends, or are collected by ourselves from our own gardens. 


If you are looking for the purest connection from hand to wand then look no further than our Wonderful Woods range!

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