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Custom Wand Commissions 

From £175

Looking for a wand that is completely unique? Want to design your very own wand or have us design a wand for you? Need a wand that is unfalteringly faithful and made for your hand alone? Look no further. Want no more. We have what you need... Here we make your dreams come true! 

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to our Custom Wands, simply let your creative juices flow! From different woods, multiple woods, engraving, pyrography, semi-precious stones and even metal work, we can work with you to create your perfect wand.


All our custom wand commissions now come packaged in our BRAND NEW Deluxe Wand Box as standard and completely free of charge, along with our trusted hand written Certificate of Authenticity.

Where do I begin?

To begin the process of commissioning a wand please fill out the contact form below with as much detail as you can. We've tried to cover all bases with the form but please, don't hold back! Tell us any thoughts or ideas you have about your wand and what you are looking for. If you fancy yourself a bit of an artist and want to attach any sketches or drawings you have of your wand there is the option to do so below as well. If you can annotate your drawings thats even better! Sketches don't have to be perfect either, anything to help us understand what's in your minds eye is useful! Then just sit back and we'll get in touch with a quote.

How much does a custom wand cost?


Custom wands start at £175.00 and vary in price depending on the design and materials used.

The price breakdown for a Custom Wand is as follows: 

Design Fee - We will design you a wand based off the information you have provided us with for just £35. We will go back and fourth with designs until you are happy.


This cost can be wavered in part or entirely if you have sent us your own design drawings/pictures and we deem them sufficient to work from. Even the simplest of drawings can be enough for us to work from!

Wood - All our standard woods carry a charge of just £25 for any length and thickness. All our standard workshop woods are from a FSC and PEFC certified supplier which, in short, means that the woods we use are sustainably sourced, legal, and apply to EU Timber Regulations.


Alternatively we can source you the specific wood you desire, but this will incur an additional charge depending on the wood. We always do our utmost to ensure all woods we use are sustainably sourced as this is very important to us! 


You can find a list of our standard workshop woods below:










Redwood Pine

Additional Materials - This is for any gemstones, metalwork, fabrics, leathers etc. that you may wish to include in your wands design. 

Labour - We currently charge a minimum of 1 days labour for all our Custom Wand commissions. The day labour rate is £150. After that we charge by half or full days depending on your wands complexity and the amount of time we predict it will take to make. For example, we may quote 1 day, 1.5 days, 2 days etc. You WILL NOT be charged a penny more if your wand takes us longer to make than predicted

Please note that even though we will state your wand will take "X" days labour to make, this does not mean that your wand will be made "in a day", but rather that the total amount of time will amount to a whole working day and that this will likely be spread over several days to account for the different processes needed to make and finish a wand. It IS NOT the turn around time of your wand. Wand turn around is normally 6 weeks unless otherwise specified.


Finish - Wood stains, paints, oil, wax, hard lacquer etc. Exact prices is job dependent. eg. an overall stain colour will cost less than fine detailed painting etc.

Packaging - £0! That's right, all our Custom Wands come with our brand new Deluxe Wand Box and hand-written Certificate of Authenticity completely free of charge. If you would like or need different packaging there may be an additional fee. 

Postage - This is very important to us. We send all our Custom Wands out well packed and fully insured incase they arrive damaged or, "Merlin forbid!", not at all! So the cost of this to you is... £0! That's right, once again we foot the bill completely. 

Please note that we ship to the UK ONLY! Unfortunately we are no longer able to ship abroad. Too many taxes, fees and too many wands gone missing. We apologies for the inconvenience.  

Get a quote for your wand

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About The Wand

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Example wand sketch


In the box below please describe any features you would like included in your design. Please give as much detail as possible, using the picture above as reference for wand section names.

Upload your own design or Image board

Below you can upload your own design, sketches, or image board for us to work from. See our example design drawing above to see the sort of annotations we need to work on your design. Please upload .jpeg .jpg or .png files only. If you are having issues uploading we recommend trying an alternative web browser.  

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