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Wand Care

If you fail to look after your wand its power will begin to diminish...


Of course, a wand should be used and admired, but everyday use will take its toll, especially if yours has a lustrous finish. Therefore, your wand will require a little pampering from time to time to keep it in tip top condition. Thankfully this is something even a Muggle can manage. How? With the simplest of methods... POLISHING! 


Many people (especially students), may simply rub their wand on their robes. A quick-fix, perhaps, but this will not provide lasting protection. (Also, this method is not without risk, as you are in great danger of setting your robes on fire!) The  best method is to use a 'wood finishing cream' or beeswax polish. This will give lasting protection and restore your wand's lustre. Apply a small amount of wood cream or wax to a soft cloth or sponge and gently massage the wand with the grain. Let it work its magic for at least 5 minutes and then it's time to buff. Use a clean polishing cloth to achieve the most agreeable appearance! That's it - happy wand, happy you!


Wand Storage 


Willbott’s Wand Sleeves undoubtably offer the best protection from magical disturbances, but our Wooden Wand Boxes provide an unrivalled shield against more temporal threats. At the very least, a Willbott's Wand Tube will help ensure your wand's longevity.


You may also display your beautiful wand in an appropriate wand carrier or display case.   


Wand Handling (Wandling) 


Improper handling of your wand may lead to injury, accidents and wand-breakage. It is vital that you follow Willbott’s wand safety tips:


  • Always hold your wand by the handle. Accidents are likely to occur should you be careless. You are also endangering your wand and yourself. 

  • A wand is not a sword. Avoid participating in muggle duelling. Your wand will lose respect for you.

  • A wand is not a back-scratcher. Use spaghetti spoon like everyone else.


Your wand is your lifeline in the magical world - if you mistreat it, it might just return the favour. 

Carrying your wand about your person:


When carrying a wand, a responsible witch or wizard should always utilise a proper method of conveyance.

Such methods include:


  •  Arm sheaths 

  •  Belt sheaths 

  •  Robe wand-pocket  


(Willbott’s will be releasing our own brand of wand-sheaths shortly.)


In the absence of such methods, please follow Willbott’s rules for safe carriage:


  • Carry your wand in a suitable pocket, ideally on the front of your body. Such a pocket should permit easy access without sacrificing security.

  • Carry your wand sleevewards making sure it is well fastened. 

  • You may place your wand in your hair if it is safe to do so. 



  • Do not store your wand in your back pocket - you risk serious snappage and potential buttock-splinterage.

  • Do not store your wand in a loose or shallow pocket where it is likely to fall out and get lost.

  • Do not insert your wand nasally, even if you are blessed with accommodating nostrils. 



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