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Market Dates

Merry Christmas!

from William and Baldwin 

Greenwich Market, London, UK

Willbott’s is very proud to be a trader at Greenwich Market, London. It gives us a wonderful chance to showcase our very best work and allows witches, wizards and all magical (and non-magical) folk alike to come from far and wide and let a wand choose them in person. 


Due to the nature of our business and a change of management at the market, we now only have casual trader status at the market which means we aren’t always guaranteed a stall. This is rather annoying for both you and us as we’d like to be able to tell you well in advance when we are going to be at the market but unfortunately can no longer do this with any certainty. Recently we have only been finding out days before as to whether we can attend or not. Very sad and frustrating. Here is the list of dates we are hoping to attend the market, however please do check our instagram page for up to date changes and amendments. We apologise for the inconvenience. Hopefully we will see you at a market stall soon! 


Dates 2022

 updated: 8th December


11th & 18th

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