• Eloquence


    The Eloquence Wand - Crafted by William Willcher  

    Wand Details: Beech - Dragon Heartstring -13” - a little give


    If you are ever in trouble or in need of a helping hand then you can’t go wrong with the Eloquence wand. However, be warned, if you desire a darker side to life then this wand will take you perhaps further than you wanted to venture. This wand tends to favour a witch’s touch due to its need for a more mature mind from its first encounter.  The Eloquence lends itself to transfiguration, charms and if careless, the dark arts. This in turn can make for an exceptionally defensive wand. 


    Makers Notes:

    “Yes The Eloquence may have an eloquent name but this wand is something of a challenge when it comes to pairing. It dislikes uncertainty, weak minds and a lack of self confidence. However it is in the wand's subtleties where its true nature lies, able to turn its hand to any form of magic, but as I mentioned earlier take this wand down a dark path and you may just regret it.”

    • Whats Included

      The Willbott's Collection Comes With:


      • Wand
      • Wand Sleeve
      • Certificate of Authenticity 


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