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Walnut handle & Kingswood blade - 14" - Dragon Heartstring


Words that come to mind: Fire. Wizdom. Strength.


This wand was handcrafted by William and is a one of one design, there are no copies available. The inspiration for this wand came from the idia of dragons breath and how nesting mothers use their breath to blow hot air on their eggs to incubate them. I used the mix of walnut and kingswood in this wand for their rich colour and carving opportunities they create. Kingswood in particular recreates the feeling of fire within its deep tones. 


The wand comes in a Willbott's Deluxe Wand Box as pictured with a handwritten Certificate of Authenticity and information leaflet. 


Please note that colours may very slightly from those pictured, we try to take a real representation of the wands.



    Don't forget your wand stand!

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