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Wonderful Woods: Ash - 11 & 3/4"


Highlighting Natures Beauty.

Made from Mother Earth's finest. Beautiful. Powerful. Natural. The perfect match for those who love the deeper powers fine woods possess. If you are looking for the purest connection from hand to wand then look no further than our Wonderful Woods range!

Ash - 11 & 3/4"

  • Wonderful Woods: Ash - 11 & 3/4"


    - Handmade and enchanted in London by the Artisans of Willbott's Wands


    - All the woods used in this collection are supplied to us by our UK based FSC and PEFC supplier, given to us by our local tree surgeon friends, or are collected by ourselves from our own gardens. 


    - Delivered beautifully gift wrapped in purple tissue paper.


    - We recommend pairing with a Willbott's Puple Wand Sleeve, the finest choice for safe conveyance of magical implements.

Don't forget your wand stand!

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