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Magical, Beautiful... Affordable! 

Owning your own completely unique, handmade in England, real wood magic wand shouldn't have to be an expensive and unattainable luxury. Thats why William and Baldwin developed the Willbott's Mystery Wand series, our most affordable wand series ever!  


Whether you're looking for the perfect starter wand, a quirky little gift, or simply wanting to snap-up a magical bargain, a Willbott's Mystery Wand is a no brainer. A wand for witches, wizards and all magical and magic loving folk alike. Brimming with power and teeming with potential, wrapped up in a rustic and authentic design, these wands choose their intended recipient the moment they are added to your basket (wands design is selected at random).


However, BRAND NEW for 2022, we are putting control back into your hands! You can now choose your approximate wand length (Short, Standard or Extra Long) and select your preferred colour (Lighter or Darker). Or if you wish, you can leave the decision entirely to the wand as before. The choice is yours.  


Willbott's Mystery Wands are made from Tulipwood, are lovingly handcrafted by the Willbott's master craftsmen, and are finished in a wax to create the classic looking and feeling wands you see below.


For more information and to purchase a Willbott's Mystery Wand click the 'View Details' button below and let a wand choose you! 

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