Willbotts Wand Display Case


Beautifuly crafted single wand cases. These are handcrafted wooden wand cases with a purple velvet background, solid brass wand secure and plexiglass frontage. What better way to proudly display your wand than in a Willbott's wand case? 


All wand cases are made to order, therefore carry a 15 working day turnaround. 


Standard: Birch Plywood construction as pictured - £55


Solid Wood Options

Oak: Solid wood construction + £25

Ash: Solid wood construction + £25

Sapele: Solid wood construction + £25

Walnut: Solid wood construction + £60


If you would like a solid wood version please email us at william@willbottswands.com 


Wand not included.


Willbott's Wand Display Case


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