The Order of Percipience

The colleges of wizardry were once unified in purpose and singular in ideology. But now the arts are disparate, and their practitioners scattered. Until their prophesied re-joining, the magically gifted must align themselves to an order, and be bound to uphold its principles. Enter the halls of Willbott's Wands, foremost artisans of magical instruments. Within, the worthy shall find themselves reunited with the wand for which they were destined.



The Order of Percipience was founded by the Great Mage Aurelion Clearwater. Often dismissed as simple ‘fortune-tellers’ and ‘seers’, the pupils of the noble school of Galehranas are much, much more. The art of mastering the inner eye and ‘seeing’ into the future is of course the vocabulary of the school, however it is not only what is seen, but how to decipher, advise and act on what can be glimpsed. It is well known that during the Great Schism, Soothsayer Elanos Vec’tor was able to save from ruin the city of Hellores and its people by advising the king to simply ‘wear a different ring’ that day. Thousands of lives were saved.


Align to Percipience

Students of Percipience are among the wisest and most patient of all sorcerers as much of their art is slow, all-consuming and for the benefit of others. They thirst for knowledge and answers, often through silent meditation or quiet incantation, and can plan far into the future to guide and advise those around them. Though the sight given to them is bright and wonderous to behold, it can, when used selfishly, lead to their demise. Percipience magi can be haughty, righteous and greedy as often as they can be pure and enlightening.

Cerulean Wands

Upon purchase, you will be united with one Cerulean Wand such as those that are pictured. Though you will know its colour and nature, the exact details will otherwise be obscure to you until it is delivered. Your Wand is therefore a mystery - allow fate and serendipity to unite you.



Lore inspired by the work of Micah Rodney. Written by Baldwin Bottler.

The Order of Percipience