The Order of Destruction

The colleges of wizardry were once unified in purpose and singular in ideology.  But now the arts are disparate, and their practitioners scattered.  Until their prophesied rejoining, the magically gifted must align themselves to an order, and be bound to uphold its principles. Enter the halls of Wilbott's Wands, foremost artisans of magical instruments. Within, the worthy shall find themselves reunited with the wand for which they were destined.  



The Order of Destruction was founded by Arch-Magus Gemini Blackbolt over a millenia before the Great Schism.  Nearly as a soon as mortals discovered they could aid each other by magical means, did they begin toying with ways to cause one another harm through it.  From the earliest flung magic missile, to the hurling of fireballs and lightning bolts, destruction magicks became any essential part of any arsenal.  During the Great Schism, Magi Lucian Welkin slaughtered the men assailing his keep with a wave of conjured flame which has, to this day, rendered the plains uninhabitable.  


Align to Destruction 

Destruction Magi are frequently driven by personal ambition and the quest for power.  Some require that power for good and others for ill, but they are driven to achieve their ends, and most often succeed.  They may come off as arrogant and haughty, but none can question their abilities. So long as they can keep their ego in check, they make brilliant leaders. Should they fail, there are few worse tyrants.  

Cardinal Red Wands

Upon purchase, you will be united with one Cardinal Red Wand such as those that are pictured. Though you will know its colour and nature, the exact details will otherwise be obscure to you until it is delivered. Your Wand is therefore a mystery - allow fate and serendipity to unite you.



Lore by Micah Rodney

The Order of Destruction