The Order of Alternance

The colleges of wizardry were once unified in purpose and singular in ideology. But now the arts are disparate, and their practitioners scattered. Until their prophesied re-joining, the magically gifted must align themselves to an order, and be bound to uphold its principles. Enter the halls of Willbott's Wands, foremost artisans of magical instruments. Within, the worthy shall find themselves reunited with the wand for which they were destined.



The Order of Alternance was founded by the Enchantress Veriana Serretti, noted for being ‘the greatest beauty to ever walk this earth’ – ‘The Histories of Remaliano’ by Horrace Yemmatop. Only one is said to have been able to deny her looks and it was for him she first discovered the art of self-transfiguration; the ability to change one’s physical form entirely and back again. Since then, Alternance scholars have furthered the practice to transforming into other species, beasts of mythology, and even the ability to become completely invisible. Indeed, Warlock Gravatano was able cast such a strong invisibility charm over himself in the days before the Great Schism, that it engulfed the school as well. To this day the collage remains invisible to the eyes of all but those who have been told in secret its location.


Align to Alternance

Alternance Sorcerers are masters of disguise and trickery. They relish the chance to display their talents, yet revel in the owning and passing of secrets – their preferred currency – which they obtain easily through their transfiguration skills. They can arguably perform the most visually impressive of magics and are often the life of the party. Though in actuality they prefer a quiet and solitary existence, this is perhaps due to the nature of their particular strain of magic.

Emerald Wands

Upon purchase, you will be united with one Emerald Wand such as those that are pictured. Though you will know its c