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Wood: Elder 


Core: Dragon Heartstring


William's Notes:

When ever an Elder wand is created the demand and will of potential owners is vast. The draw of an Elder wand is strong amongst most wizards and witches because Elder wood is considered to be one of the most magically powerful woods in existence. These wands hold a magical prowess that only the most powerful wizards and witches can tame. If you are lucky enough to be chosen by an Elder wand you must take caution for there are always those who will wish to challenge you. 


Wand comes in a Willbott's Deluxe Wand Box and a handwritten Certificate of Authenticity. These new wand boxes just scream luxury! Inside they are equipped with supportive foam inners, shaped for your wand, and lined with stunning, shimmering purple velvet cloth for your wand to nestle safely in. Topped with a golden ribbon to lay over your wand to ensure its protection and add that final touch of finesse and class. These sturdy, tactile purple boxes are the ultimate partner for your wands transportation, storage or display. There is no better box out there, everything about it is premium perfection! 



    Don't forget your wand stand!

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