The Seolfor - Crafted by William Willcher
Wand Details: Beech - Thunderbird Feather - 12'' - Slight Give

A wand that could change your prospects for the better! The silver leaf adds to the ability of this wand to increase its possessor's fortune. However, this is more likely due to the wand's choice of companion, who is destined for greatness, more so than the work of the wand. The wand is extremely attuned to the elements, especially wind and water. The unique nature of this wand to control these elements is staggering and if the wand's possessor uses this to their advantage then there isn't much this wand cannot do.
With this said, the wand is particularly difficult to match owing to the high demands it places on its companion - you must be pure of heart.

Makers Notes:
"The Seolfor is capable of the greatest range of magic, and powerful magic at that. It favours those with pure spirits and strong minds. If you gain the trust and respect from the Seolfor wand it is safe to say you are destined for great deeds."
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