If you have been assigned a wand, let us make that wand a reality. Willbott's will handcraft your assigned wand out of the finest hard woods, creating the perfect magical partner for you. 


How do I get my wand?

If your wand is made from the following woods, or you are happy for your wand to be made from the following woods, you can go straight to the 'add to basket' button and complete your purchase. Wood list:


Oak, Ash, Beech, Maple, Sapele, Sycamore, Cherry, Iroko, Ramin, Redwood Pine, Pine, Tulipwood and Walnut.


If you would like your wand to be made out of a wood not listed above, simply send us an email with the details of your assigned wand to - william@willbottswands.com and we will seek to source your requested wood. Sourcing rarer woods may come with an additional surcharge as some woods are more difficult to source sustainably. 


Your wand will come with:

Willbott's Wand Sleeve 

Willbott's Wand Tube 

Certificate of Authenticity

Pottermore Inspired


    Protect your wand with our handmade Willbott's Wand Sleeves

    Willbott's Wand Sleeve

    Willbott's Wand Sleeve


    We are grouping orders: 

    All orders made during the week will be held until there are at least 3 orders to ship only then will we send these wands  out. Otherwise we will ship orders out on Friday. This will keep our contact with the outside world to a minimum. Please bear with us during these unprecedented times and we apologise for any inconvenience or delay this may cause. Stay safe!


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