The Nebuloso - Crafted by Baldwin Bottler

Wand Details: Sapele - Phoenix Feather - 13'' - Hint of Flex 


A wand that reveals what's within and forces it to come out. Let yourself flow with the Nebuloso and it will reveal itself entirely to you and watch as its abilities strengthen and grow as you do. The trust of this wand is hard-fought, it may take years before you are able to master the Nebuloso. Power, permission and adaptability all mark what this wand is capable of. You must be willing and able to trust the Nebuloso. 


Makers Notes:

"A very tricky wand to make and even harder to master. Its design only increases its power for its tip, rather than sending a spear-like current out of the end, will cast a jet of immense power. You must therefore have the ability and determination to control it. The witch or wizard who is chosen must have patience and determination. If you are false, a cheat or a liar you would do well not to be chosen by the Nebuloso."


Every wand comes with:

Willbott's Wand Tube

Willbott's Wand Sleeve

Certificate of Authenticity

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