Wood: Elder -Elder wood is a difficult wood to get hold of, not because it is a rare species as in fact in the UK elder trees grow in most hedgerows. However it rarely grows large enough to make a wand from due to its soft core and when it is large enough you have to harvest the largest trunks which is difficult to get permission for. It also takes a very long time to season in order to use the wood for wand making because of its soft core. Therefore making it one of the most expensive woods purely because it is difficult to get ahold of without braking wizerding law. 

Core: Thunderbird Tail Feather

Makers notes: Although Elder wood is difficult to get hold of it is one of our favourite wood varieties to work with. However it is very fussy when it comes to its owner and prefer those who know themselves well. This was is special and requires a special person to wield it. 



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