• Elemental


    The Elemental Wand - Hand crafted by William Willcher 

    Wand details: Beech - Unicorn hair - 12.6" - with a tiny amount of give


    The Elemental wand draws its power through combining the purity of Unicorn Hair and the strength and hardness of the Beech wood. This is a loyal wand, not much use with the dark arts but excellent at charm and defensive spell work. 


    Makers notes:

    “This wand was named The Elemental owing to the fact that it is exceptional at manipulating the elements around you. The extraordinary power it has over fire and water is breathtaking. The Witch or Wizard who is destined for The Elemental will have a long and happy relationship, as long as you are loyal.”

    • Whats In The Package

      The Willbott's Collection come with:


      • Wand
      • Wand Sleeve
      • Certificate of Authenticity 


      If you would like a Willbott's wand box this can be purchased separately on the accessory page.

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