Introducing the first of our brand new series of wands... The Colour Conjurors! 


Bright, exciting and colourful, these wands are perfect for the witch or wizard looking to show off their magical prowess in style.


Wands vary in length from approximately 12-14 inches. The wand pictured (in your choice of colour) may not be the wand you receive as we have made several of each colour to begin with and will continue to add to the remakes as long as the colour proves popular. We intend to add more colour combinations weekly until we have every colour combination under the sun! If you don't see the colour combination you want yet, feel free to drop us a message with your suggestions of colours through our website or social media and we will do our best to add that to the list of colour combinations we already have planned for release (and iff possible bring it forward on the list). 


So all that is left to do is pick your Colour Conjuror combination and let your magical journey begin! 

Colour Conjurors

  • A magical combination of colours to suit your style and flare. The wand you receive may differ slightly from the wand pictured but will be the same design and colour. Wand length varies from approximately 12-14 inches and selection is random. Made from tulipwood, painted, with matt varnish applied for hard-wearing finish. 

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Willbott's Wand Sleeve

Willbott's Wand Sleeve