The Cerebellum - Crafted by Baldwin Bottler 

Wand Details: Beech - Sphinx Hair - 13'' - A Little Give 


This wand is a remake option only and therefore carries a 15/20 working day turnaround


A wand for the skilled and complex spell-caster. It bears up to any challenge with confidence, grace and power. The use of Sphinx Hair only adds to its deep complexity and mastery of the mind and soul. This wand is ready to follow the witch or wizard it chooses to the very end.


Maker's Notes: 

“This has to be one of my favourites in the Origins Series. Its power is incomprehensible when matched with the right witch or wizard. It is loyal to the very end and will turn its hand to any form of magic with apparent ease. Therefore be sure you are able to match it or its power will dwindle.”


  • Please note that these wands are remakes and are made to order therefore carry a 7-15 working day turnaround.


    The Willbott's Collection Comes With:


    • Wand
    • Certificate of Authenticity 


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