The Caudicula - Crafted by Baldwin Bottler

Wand Details: Beech - Unicorn Hair - 13'' - Strong


This wand is a remake option only and therefore carries a 15/20 working day turnaround


A wand of fairness and beauty. The combination of Unicorn hair and Beech wood make this one of the most pure and innocent wands around. This in turn makes it very difficult to turn this wand to the dark arts and therefore you must treat it with the utmost respect. The Caudicula is a true friend and companion, plus it excels at transfiguration.


Maker's Notes:

“A simple pleasure to work on. It almost starts singing when wand wood meets core. However this wand is notoriously difficult to match, so few seem to possess the qualities the wands needs. If you are chosen, your heart must be of pure gold.” 


  • Please note that these wands are remakes and are made to order therefore carry a 7-15 working day turnaround.


    The Willbott's Collection Comes With:


    • Wand
    • Certificate of Authenticity 


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