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Lunac - Holly - 12 & 1/2 inches - Unicorn Hair 🌙

Good morning magical friends! 🌞

Time for some wands methinks! William and I have been hard at work, crafting and creating a whole host of new treats (or tricks) for you all this spooky season. First up (and cheating a little as this wand was actually made a few months back but never released) Lunac - made from Holly, 12 and 1/2 inches long with a Unicorn hair core. Despite this wand’s relatively standard length and fairly irregular shaft design, it somehow feels short, quick and subtle; at odds with itself yet perfectly balanced. And all this is to say nothing of the Luna power you feel coursing through your hand and into your arm the moment you pick this wand up, it almost glows!

If this wand has chosen you, feel free to drop us a DM, otherwise it shall be uploaded to our website in the coming weeks.

More new wands come this week so keep those eyes peeled!

Until next time, safe travels and stay magical! 💫


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