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In addition to our range of bespoke ready-made wands we also specialise in custom wands. These are custom one-of-a-kind wands that can be entirely your own creation, with as little or as much input from us as you desire.

If you wish to speak to us about a custom wand, drop us an email at the address detailed below to begin the design process. We will work with you to create your perfect wand and will only begin crafting once you are entirely happy with the final design. The sky is the limit! The wand can be made with more than one type of wood (we can source a wide selection of sustainable woods) and use an extensive range of enhancements, such as metal work, gems and semi-precious stones, staining and painting. We can also offer pyrography and engraving and the wand can have the finish of your choice.

Custom wands start at £60 and can go £300.00+ depending on your design and materials used in creation. If you have a set budget however let us know and we will design a wand to suit your needs. 

All custom wands come with our Willbott's wand tube, protective wand sleeve and certificate of authenticity as standard. 


Simply get in contact today to start creating the wand that will choose you.




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