Custom Wand Commissions 

From £75

CUSTOMER NOTICE: We are currently at max capacity with custom wand commissions and have started a waiting list. Please do still fill in the form below if you are interested in commissioning a wand and you will be automatically added to the list. We do read all submissions and will get back to you as soon as we are able to work on your commission, however please be aware that there is approximately a 4 month wait at present. We are also working on a lot of R&D for Willbotts at preset, as well as trying to refill our online store, so are suspending custom orders briefly to allow us to complete this. Thank you for your patience!


In addition to our range of unique ready-made wands we also specialize in custom wands. These are entirely your own creation, with as little or as much input from us as you desire. We will work with you to create your perfect wand and will only begin crafting once you are entirely happy with the final design - the sky is the limit! The wand can be made with more than one type of wood (we can source a wide selection of sustainable woods) and use an extensive range of enhancements, such as metal work, gems and semi-precious stones, and staining and painting. We can also offer pyrography and engraving and the wand can have the finish of your choice.

Custom wands start at £75 and vary in price depending on your design and the materials used. If you have a set budget however let us know and we will design a wand to suit your needs.

All custom wands come with our Willbott's wand tube, protective wand sleeve and certificate of authenticity as standard. 

How do I create my wand?

There are two ways to start the process of commissioning a custom wand. The simplest way is to complete the below form with as much detail as you can and let us get back to you with a quote. 


You may already have a complete design drawn up in your head, or you may not have a creative bone in your body and no clue where to start, either way, rest assured we are here to help you create your perfect wand. You can also have a look through our gallery for inspiration. 


You can even upload your own drawings and sketches as .jpeg or .jpg files on the form below (dont worry if you are not an artist we just need to see your idea). You could also create and upload an image board of bits you like from other wands you've seen or any things you like that might help us to create your wand

It is worth noting that if enquiring via the form below you may need to pay a discounted design fee of £25 (normally priced at £45) if the wand requires significant design input from us.

We will then collaborate with you on your wand design until you are 100% happy. 

Alternatively, you can drop us an email at and we can go through the design process step by step with you. Please be aware however that we do charge an additional non-refundable upfront fee of £45.00 if you choose to inquire this way. This fee is in addition to any quote we give you for the finished wand. 


You can have a browse on this page at some pictures of previous custom wand commissions, as well as examples of design sketches we have drawn up for customers, which should hopefully give you an idea of the level of detail we need from you for your design. Simple annotated sketches are all we need to get started.

As a reminder, the minimum custom wand fee is £75.00.


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