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The History of 'The Seven'


From Chaos, Comes Order.

In the beginning there was only darkness and chaos. A world divided, rife with war, disease, hate and greed. Yet laid deep in slumber within the very roots of the universe, largely long forgotten by humanity, was an energy, a greater power... magic. 

Seven orders were formed, each with its own collage and council, to undertake the study and practice of the magical arts. They were: The Order of Restoration, The Order of Enchantment, The Order of Destruction, The Order of Illusion, The Order of Percipience, The Order of Alternance and The Order of The Fallen.

The seven colleges of wizardry, whilst practicing their own specialist branches of magic, were once unified in purpose and singular in ideology. Whilst they stood united, peace and prosperity reigned throughout the world. Now however, the arts are disparate, and their practitioners scattered.  Until their prophesied re-joining, the magically gifted must align themselves to an order, and be bound to uphold its principles. Enter the halls of Willbott's Wands, foremost artisans of magical instruments. Within, the worthy shall find themselves reunited with the wand for which they were destined.  

More lore arriving soon!...

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