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9 Wonderful Woods Wands

Willbott's Wands

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Alastair Willy (William Willcher)

William Willcher
(Alastair Willy)

  • Wizard

  • Age: 34

  • From: Wiltshire

  • Wand: Oak, 13", Phoenix Tail Feather

Peter Bottley (Baldwin Bottler)

Baldwin Bottler
(Peter Bottley)

  • Wizard

  • Age: 29

  • From: Cambridgeshire 

  • Wand:  Maple, 12"1/4, Phoenix Tail Feather

Where can you buy WIllbott's Wands in person?

The Lonely Broomstick - Falkirk Scotland
Department Of Magic - Edinburgh Scotland
The Coven - 
Glastonbury England
The Lost Cauldron - Matlock England
The Department of Magical Gifts - Cambridge England
Bryon & The Bard LTD - Suffolk England



"...fully incorporated all our many requests and additionally gave the wand the ancient and powerful look we had hoped for. We were really impressed with the craftmanship and the communication throughout the process was highly professional..."


Alex - Custom Wand

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